I installed the latest retail version (10.1) because of an article I am working on, and I can't say I am immediately impressed. The last version I used on a regular basis was 9.3, but once 10.0 came out, I found a lot was broken.

Oddly enough, the Online Update during the install completely froze, and I was unable to abort. After hard rebooting, it brought me into the root account, because I didn't get a chance to create a user account due to it crashing.

Once in the desktop, I was surprised to see that neither of my sound cards worked by default. I had to manually edit both to get either to work. The same goes for the network. The internet worked during the installer, but not once I was at the desktop.

Maybe I am misunderstanding SuSE in general, but I know it's supposed to be a 'friendlier' Linux. I am surprised that they leave the user to install an NVIDIA driver, or anything like that. Granted they are easy to install, but it's not really a 'jump in and go' like they claim. I remember in the 9.3 days, they -did- offer an NVIDIA driver in their YaST, but it's no longer there.

Either way, does anyone else have opinions on SuSE in general?