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Thread: 8 new AMD am3+ and g34 CPUs:

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    Default 8 new AMD am3+ and g34 CPUs:

    Opteron 6212 cores:8 Kernen 2,8 GHz clock speed and 3,7 GHz Turbo
    Opteron 6238 cores:12 Kernen and 2,5 GHz clock speed . turbo is 3,1 GHz on all cores and the single turbo is 3,3 GHz
    Opteron 6274 cores:12 clock: 2,2 GHz and turbo is 2,8 GHZ single core turbo is 3,2 GHz.
    Opteron 6282 SE cores:16 clock: 2,5 GHz Turbo 3,1 GHz single threat turbo: 3,5 GHz.

    AMD FX-4100 - 115 Euro cores 4 clock 3.60GHz turbo: 3,7 GHz 2 threats turbo: 3,8 GHz
    AMD FX-6100 - 160 Euro cores 6 clock 3.30GHz turbo:3,9 GHz
    AMD FX-8120 - 190 Euro cores 8 clock 3.10GHz turbo:4,0 GHz
    AMD FX-8150 - 230 Euro cores 8 clock 3.60GHz turbo:4,2 GHz

    On all these cpus you lost 10% of speed if you are using windows 7 instead of windows 8 because of the broken threat scheduler on linux there will be a linux kernel update.

    Also amd plan to upgrade the firmware via bios updates to fix some speed bugs to.

    best used with new compiled software with the newest compiler stuff because these cpus are really new in architecture.

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    Just a correction, you will loose up to 10% depending on the application. And it also remains to see if the cores in linux will be able to be "parked" allowing for cores being utilized to use higher pstates on the like it can in Windows 8 (which btw should also improve even older Phenom II processors as well).

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