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Do you need any kleenex?

You're right, though, about that one thing. People are stupid. They'll elect proven liars and make excuses for it.

It's why democracy doesn't work.

I'm just wondering why few look at the big picture or care enough to look at it rationally. Politicians are not your friends. They don't serve you, they serve themselves. When things go wrong, they always find a way to benefit. Look at retired politicians, often bankers and lawyers, and their pensions they receive even when they contributed to destroying their country.

I firmly believe Germany and most of Europe is going for a major fall and those bankers/politicians will still benefit. I know it's not the best comparison but I liken it to what happened in Soviet Russia at the end of the 80s and in particular, subsequent economic transformations in mid-90s under Yeltsin. Except, in Germany's case, there is such a connection and link to most of the other European countries. Germany's exports are mostly to other EU countries and other European countries not in the EU so they don't want a collapse yet so are doing anything to bail out Greece, Italy, Spain etc. They'll sacrifice the populace to delay the inevitable as long as possible. But, there is an end plan when those policies don't work. The Euro gets devalued and it's easy for the elites and bankers that control things to pick up businesses and property for dirt cheap (look at Russian oligarchs). But, it will be on a wide (global) scale. Germans should wake up and stop being so deluded.

For now, taxpayers will be asked to shoulder the entire burden with higher taxes and significantly more debt. Enjoy!
Where do you know all that? I live in this land and life here seems to be quite stable. Sure, we've been paying somewhat more for our food over the years, but most people have a job and a normal life. Those who complain just complain because Germans like complaining, it's not a new thing. It's good living here.

It seems to me that during this financial crisis, a lot of people are pulling scenarios out of their asses. Fact is what I said about politicians is true -- try to become one and you'll see it yourself. But everything you said is just speculation.