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Same story here and I'm on 7.11

Lucky I found this post or it would never ever ever run.

Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy) w/ Wine 0.9.50 and Catalyst 7.11
didn't do any of that shader stuff, only the opengl thing in the registry, but had that for ages. After loging in and stuff successfully it's all fine

i'm having some graphical glitches on the menuscreen etc (not after a fresh reboot however) lik ehalf the screen being renderd, textures missing, but it's all fine in game. I HAVE noticed that when i lgo in a toon WITHOUT ct_viewport mod (set to something a little smaller, i hide the bottom where the buttons are) it's all fine, but do have the half screen being drawn with the toon though. I blame the addon itself, as i doubt a vanilla addonless game would have that bug, but if you have only half a screen drawn INgame, try gettind ct_viewport mod and change the size of your viewport (you do need ct_core with it to configure it)