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Thread: The KDE vs. GNOME Schism In Free Software

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    Default Man, I keep seeing people complain about DESKTOP environments....

    The reason some Linux Desktop Environments are less focused on pure desktop functionality is because... THEY ARE BEING MADE FOR USERS, NOT DEVELOPERS. And users are going over to a more touch based interface, smaller and more portable devices.

    If Windows 8 X86/64 Tablets do arrive (which I believe will be quite interesting) then Unity/Gnome-Shell/KDE or whatever, will find MORE Touch Devices, and even less new desktops for them to be used on. ALso, ARM Tablets will run Win8, and Linux makers/Distros might want to be able to run on them as well.

    There are many USERS (Ie consumers, not dev's or Multimedia proff's) who have stopped buying new PC's as often, because many of them are quite happy with their iPad x's or the android tablets or WebOS or whatever (though mainly iPads ATM). So for software focusing on consumers, with limited developer resources, the more customizable and advanced interface is being treated second best to more touch intuitive interfaces for other devices.

    Anyway shoot down this post as you want xD
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