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Thread: ApiTrace 2.0 Brings OpenGL 4.2, Faster Performance

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    Default ApiTrace 2.0 Brings OpenGL 4.2, Faster Performance

    Phoronix: ApiTrace 2.0 Brings OpenGL 4.2, Faster Performance

    Earlier this year Zack Rusin introduced ApiTrace as a new way to debug graphics drivers and other areas of the graphics stack. ApiTrace is an open-source utility that allows capturing DirectX/OpenGL API calls and to analyze them later on in a step-by-step manner. There's also other features like real-time editing of shaders and making other tweaks to how the calls are executed. ApiTrace even has a nice GUI too. Zack has now announced ApiTrace 2.0 and it makes this very useful graphics utility even much better...

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    I tried it and it is wonderfull!

    Do you plan to use apitrace to make benchmarks or maybe you already do?

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    Read the instructions and start living the life of a computer graphics superstar, which differs from the life of an average computer graphics hacker by about 10 keyboard headbutts and half a bucket of tears a week! And that's a change we can all believe in!

    Seriously though, last missing feature, is that for each gl call I want to inspect state, it replays whole trace, so think if you want to inspect frame #100 and you have to stare onto 'loading' for a minute for every time you want to inspect something.

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    This is one of the best OpenGL tools ever (plus it frees me from maintaining my own solution) so big kudos to everyone involved!

    Now, how about some OpenGL ES support, pretty please?

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