Looks like it is, although the url has changed (i actually found it by a misstype):

Umm... yeah:
- tested on 3.1-rc7 kernel - fglrx doesn't need a patch to work with it (just like 11.8), and radeon hd 4850;
- i don't see rainbow bar in GNOME3 although other bad things stayed, like slow window moving or strange flickering/garbages rendered whenever i will run kde app with systray icon
- i've also tested it on xorg-server 1.11.1 from arch's [testing] repository but it's not working with it...
- many files inside this driver is different, but there's no new files, so it's easier for a maintainers to update

So i actually hope that this 11.9 was put there by a mistake and a better version of 11.9 will be uploaded today ;P
If not, well... Michael you were wrong about incoming xserver 1.11.x support ;P