This links are not proper studies, just some news - if you trust everything you read in newspapers and saw on TV - you are not too smart.
Can we have some scientific papers with statistics etc? And I don't understand german, sorry.

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your rhetorical question is just a lie and because why? = the magnet field of the earth and the atmosphere save us.
and another artifice and just a lie! a lie because the nuclear power plants do not have any clinic usage.
you only use x-ray at clinic if you are "ill" or for research to be healthy in the future.
you are suggesting that the same is also the same useful is just bullshit and a lie.
no one needs nuclear power plants but some people need a clinical use of x-ray.
Atmosphere does indeed saves us from most of solar radiation and X-rays is also radiation...
But your initial claim was that people die from small doses... there is your small doeses - I did xray few times so far and I often relax in the sun, yet I'm alive.
If the power plant is operating at normal conditions - it is safer than getting xray once in a year. (another newspaper, but you seem to accept them as a proof)
Also burning coil leads to global warming, which leads to ozone layer shrinking and it is the thing that protects earth from solar radiation, ironic, isn't it?

smoke detectors with radioactive materials are against the law in germany and its against the law in the hole europe.
only the very very very (ironic part here) smart USA people do use radioactive materials in smoke detectors.
Afaik radioactive smoke detectors containing americium-241 are banned in Germany and France although they are permitted in other EU Member States, such as the Netherlands, where they are sold in DIY shops.

in german we have very hard and multiple retested clinical studies that child's get blood cancer if they life 30km in a radius to an nuclear power plant.
now you make your joke again?

i hope your child will grow up near by a nuclear power plant and i hope your child get cancer just because you are a nuclear power fan boy.

the germans prove you wrong.
the german build your modern (ironic)"SAVE" -thorium high-temperature nuclear reactor-
and they prove it wrong in "safety"
now whats up ? your modern super save thorium-high-temperature-nuclear-reactor isn't save..
so you are a liar.
Again, I can't read german and wiki article says station was closed due to maintenance costs.
I fail to understand how living near nuclear reactor where radiation levels are not higher than anywhere else and lower than in xray room where doctors actually work whole day can be a harm.

i don't care about ecology if it comes to human healthy like nuclear power plants.
Ecology = your health either way.

liar my own 10,5 kwp solar-electric-power plants use ZERO space.
and most of the german solar power stations are ZERO SPACE ones.
Consumer solar panels can't really power a big factory, and solar power plants with power output compareable to a modern nuclear plant will be quite big - you need to cut down some trees to put there a solar plant.
Also solar panel production is not a cleanest technology in the world: "Making solar panels, which are in many ways directly descended from semiconductors, also produces toxic byproducts that could sicken living beings, warns the SVTC. Among these are caustic liquids like silicon tetrachloride, dusts and nanoparticles like kerf (a remnant from cutting silicon ingots), and potent greenhouse gases like sulfur hexafluoride."

LOL--- not really studies show that cars kill 10000 times more birds.
and you can build wind plants in places without any birds and you can build wind mills without any bird effect
for example:
And studies show that more people get hit by cars vs dead from radiation exposure - not an argument. And my point was green energy is in fact not that "green".
Besides this ones you linked can't produce much power, otherwise we'd built those, not normal ones.