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if you compare it to water power you are a liar. even wind in a smart grid is better.

and the high price for 67,30€ per 1kwh!

no the Goverment pay studies to calculate the cheapest and best solution.

and a smart grid +wind power beats the 67,30€ per 1kwh nuclear power shit.
Geez, you are stubborn and don't understand common sense. I am comparing to wind power, period. I am saying wind power is practically useless for the cost and power output including the efficiency. It would be fine if people would be honest about the cost and inefficiency but many aren't.

I'm comparing in explicit terms as the wind is not always going. All the reports show that wind is inefficient. You said the 'Government pays for studies...' LOL! So, your proof is Government studies?!? What a joke. That's a horrible argument. Talk about bias. The Government will get results of whatever they want.