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Thread: Germany export 4MWh E-Energy although 8 Nuclear-Power-Stations turned off

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qaridarium View Post
    you are wrong because: micro-h&p are smaller than Apartments our one are:1m³
    and solar power panels are smaller than Apartments and savonius systems are smaller than apartments.
    you can put the solar modules on the Apartment wall on south and you can hold the the micro-savonius out of the windows.
    a Savonius system is our next investment we want to buy 2 pices of 5000 watt Savonius systems for our roof.
    You are wrong, because you can't get enough power for apartment house from micro this and that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Qaridarium View Post
    the Germans do not have Subsidies on green energy.
    no you are wrong there are no indirect subsidies for green energy.
    show me one. its a matter of fact that there is no Subsidies on green energy in germany.
    How about 1.7 million.

    As always you are wrong. Basically subsidies are newer facts just opinions. Whoever is getting subsidies doesn't normally see them as such.
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