So the efficiency of Solar Power is 0% because 99.9999% percent is lost to space, because earth does not receive all thermal radiation generated by the sun. Your arguments are riddiculus.

And BTW Reprocessing does not just mean MOX. You can also reprocess by just reusing the Uranium parts in the fuel rods. But thankfully our then "green" government forbade reprocessing back in their days effectively increasing our waste problem.

Q, you should really read up on the things you talk about. And, I call your bluff: Show me the statistics that say Solar / Wind is more efficient. That takes into account the mining and reprocessing of seldom earths that are generating huge amounts of environmental damage in the areas they are mined in (mainly china).

Those "Regenerative Energies" are not regenerative, since they need elements for their turbines and panels, that are very seldom on earth and, should we really try to cover all energy needs with "regenerative" or "renewable" Technologies, will run out faster then you can say "Peak-Renewable".