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Or should I just stick with Windows 7?
For me best is OpenSuse 11.4 ( Laptop 17" AMD P320, radeon 4570) with couple min. advantage over windows 7.
I tested Suse, and couple distros based on debian and ubuntu. If I remember right also Chakra and Fedora, but beside suse every time i get around 50% of battery life

Mint Debian Edition work just fine for me on my old laptop (Turion II x2) but with new one I get only half battery life even with older kernel ( 2.6.37 just like in Suse 11.4) forcing ASPM don't change anything ( no big suprise there because Windows is also reporting not using ASPM)

Try OpenSuse 11.4 ( 12.1 beta is coming this weekend but with new kernel ....) if it won't work you probably shouldn't waste time searching and just stick with Windows for few months.