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Thread: ATI 8.47, Gutsy and Compiz Lockup Question

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    Default Solved: ATI 8.47, Gutsy and Compiz Lockup Question


    A long time ago, Compiz worked great for me with my ATI Mobility X1400. I forget which version of the ATI driver. Things went bad when I upgraded from Ubuntu 7.04 to 7.10. I never did figure out what to do, so I fell back to 8.40.4 and used Metacity. No problems. No fun.

    I tried the latest release, the so-called 8.3 driver today, and see all is well with Metacity. glxgears, fglrxinfo, all works fine.

    I tried to fire up Compiz, but it bombs big time. I cannot do much more than fire up compiz, see that the cube works, and BOOM... complete lockup.. gotta power down....

    Can anyone suggest what I can do to get Compiz back on stable turf? Obviously, with this near-instant lockup occurring, there are no logs I can check to see what happened, it is pretty much a head scratcher for me.

    I suppose I could try removing Compiz from the system entirely and re-installing, but I was hoping to first hear from some experts that maybe there is a checklist of simple things to look for first?

    It's annoying but I think this is not some major problem with the ATI driver but instead something stinky in my system configuration.


    Update: Turns out xorg.conf needed some luvin'. Just had to turn on some Extensions, and turn off some other crap.. and it seems more stable. I am actually still waiting for the crash/lockup/boom to happen... I accidentally made the cube rotate, and it did, without lockup.. phew...

    I still get the odd video artifact slashed across the screen, but that seems to be it.. for now... and it seems even Suspend works again... yaya......

    Frigging too complicated for noobs though.. this whole world of Desktop Linux is WAY too fragile for people like my Mom and Dad... although Dad is a trooper and has Puppy Linux and Ubuntu going...
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