I have problem with my ATI 6470M on HP ProBook 4730s. I have video tearing and I have no option Tear Free in Catalyst-Control-Center on preinstalled SLED or on openSUSE 11.4 . Actually, I have no option Xinereama and no option Color profile too. I have only half of options which I have on different computer with ATI 6850 on Ubuntu.
Tested on preinstalled drivers, on Catalyst 11.8 and on Catalyst 11.9 . I had tried to set Tear Free via command line and after that I couldn't have log in because of fail Xorg. I have similar issue with identification via lspci as http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/inde...t-1810480.html, but his solution update-pciids and reinstallation drivers didn't help me. I read on Phoronix that Tear Free can't be enabled if there is low memory, but I have 1GB on my ATI.