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Thread: Dual Graphics support in Catalyst for Llano

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    Question Dual Graphics support in Catalyst for Llano

    According to the second footnote on AMD’s informational page,
    Linux OS supports manual switching which requires restart of X-Server to engage and/or disengage the discrete graphics processor for dual graphics capabilities.
    I want to clarify whether there is present support for the IGP and a discrete card working in conjunction for better performance than either alone. If not, I would appreciate it if any one knows and could tell me whether there has been any news from AMD about including this in an upcoming version of their driver.

    I want to build an mATX box in the very near future with an A8-3870 and a Radeon 6670 (assuming they release the former soon). Searching about the web has proven rather unfruitful. Much thanks in advance.
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