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Thread: Flicker when using xrandr -q

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    Default Flicker when using xrandr -q

    I notice a flicker on the screen when using xrandr, even when I'm just querying stuff with 'xrandr -q'. What could be the cause for this and is there a solution? I'm using the fglrx driver on a AMD Radeon 6310.


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    Are you using a VGA connection to the display ? If so, guessing that you are seeing the driver checking for connected monitors which IIRC uses analog load detection and therefore flickers the display.

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    I've long had this issue with various generations of hardware (GPUs and DVI displays) and varying driver releases, since the Phoronix Test Suite uses xrandr for querying some monitor data and have frequently noticed it. I don't recall offhand if it's still happening in the very latest releases, but it's been an ongoing issue for probably a year or more.

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