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Thread: OLPC XO-1.75 Laptop Preview

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    Default OLPC XO-1.75 Laptop Preview

    Phoronix: OLPC XO-1.75 Laptop Preview

    Last month at XDC2011 Chicago, I managed to get my hands on what should be the production hardware model of the XO-1.75 laptop that is expected to be released in the coming months by the OLPC project. The low-cost OLPC laptop targeted for students is now ARM-based and consumes very little power.

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    Sub $200, why not sub $100? This is too expensive, both for the targeted market as well as for what it's actually worth.

    In other news: In India they now have a $35 tablet. Now that's a more realistic price point for the targeted market.

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    Yeah, would rather get something closer to the Always Innovating SmartBook for something ARM based

    Or maybe the Norhtech Touche Panel for something x86 based

    Or maybe the MSI WindPad 110W for something mass market with a microsoft tax based on the AMD Z-01(5.9w version of the C-50 dual 1Ghz/HD6250)

    Why is it Zareason and System76 aren't carrying anything like any of these? Its hard to even get an AMD GPU out of them... Is it for the same reason that you could get a Phenom2 X4 Mobile X940 Black Edition with anything faster then an HD5650m... While you can get a laptop based on an i7 940XM with 2x HD6990m or GTX580 in SLI/Crossfire for not an insane amount of money from shops like Avadirect, Puget Systems, Power Notebooks and XoticPC. Ava and Puget will even put Linux on it, all will sell you something without an OS, though none of them will support anything but windows.
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    Lets be honest about this:
    -Superawesome laptop design
    -Recharing crank
    -Superawesome input devices
    -Screen readable in sunlight

    Its basically "the awesome computer", but the problem is that its not really getting anywhere fast enough. But its awesome.

    Edit: To elaborate, its not a "usable laptop for a user", its a "cool devices that does what it does best". Don't confuse it with a normal laptop, its not intended for that, in the same was as tablets are not laptops.
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