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Thread: Woodgas driven Diesel with solar heated water injection@44,229/1MWh for ~3000:

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    Default Woodgas driven Diesel with solar heated water injection@44,229/1MWh for ~3000:

    I know a more advance technologies with the converted diesel generator:
    H&P-diesel+spark plugs combination with solar heated water injection
    if you add Spark plug to the diesel engine you can drive 100% wood gas but i know even more advance:
    you can inject water but thats not my advance part i want tell you can build a solar power plant with your converted diesel engine.
    its called - H&P-diesel- with spark plug combination with solar heated water injection.
    then you ca inject up to 50% of water directly and you have input 5C water into the solar heater and you get 95C out of your solar heater means you grow up your efficiency by 90K of the water.
    if you burn 1L of fuel for example with 20% water you get 0,2L of pure water this means water can hold 4 watt per Kelvin and its possible to add 90K kelvin by solar power this means 2L*4watt*90K=72watt.
    if you calculate it with 50% its 1 80 Watt this means if you only calculate it on 1L fuel= 180watt.
    for every Liter of fuel you can ad 180watt solar power with this system.
    this means 1L can have 180watt solar power+0,5L Liquid wood means ~7000watt
    this means you increase the efficiency for 2,57% with the solar water system.
    overall view: a diesel do have 42% efficiency a water-diesel with cold water do have 50% and a Water-diesel+solar water heater combination do have 52,57% efficiency on the FUEL.
    the costs are : 0,03€ per KWh wood this means 100-52,57=47,43%lost
    1 m wood do have 2MW
    1MW cost you 30€ and you get 52,57% out of it 0,5257MW
    this means 1MW+47,43%=1,4743MW 30€+47,43%=44,229€ EDIT : (57,4977€)
    EDIT : (i forgot that the woodgas generator needs 30% energy to generat the wood gas but this chance the calculation only in very smal way '''sorry''')
    This system makes electric energy for 44,229€ EDIT : (57,4977€) per 1MWh
    or: 0,044229€ EDIT : (0,0574977€) per KWh
    every one can build this based on an 600€ diesel generator and knowledge of generating wood gas and the knowledge of adding spark plugs and the knowledge of chancing the diesel injection control chip.
    in my point of view the power plant cost 3000€

    now this is the most advance diesel technique i know. i hope you all enjoy !
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    i calculate the same for an 50% efficiency marine diesel its 61% total efficiency on the fuel its 0,139/kwh on diesel and 0,05421/kwh on wood gas. means 54,21/Mwh

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