Remastersys is a tool I created to make livecd/dvd's from an Ubuntu or variant installed system.

Here are some features of the version 2.0:

-It can make a complete system backup or make a distributable copy you can share with friends. Klikit-Linux was created using remastersys.

-No need for an existing livecd for the creation of the new livecd/dvd. With the addition of syslinux the new livecd/dvd is completely created from scratch by remastersys.

-The backup option will make a true backup of your system which means you will log into the livecd/dvd just like you do on your hard drive installed system. This will also be installable as the main sudo user will have the install icon on the desktop.

-There is no longer a 2Gig limit for the compressed filesystem.

-There is a gui frontend for remastersys now called "Remastersys Backup" and it comes with a snazzy icon created by Chris the founder of Klikit-Linux.

-No manual editing of the /etc/remastersys.conf file as it can all be changed and updated from the gui.

It has been tested on Ubuntu 7.10, Kubuntu 7.10 and Klikit-Linux.

The new homepage of remastersys with instructions on how to get it can be found here: