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Thread: Motherboards With Broken ASPM On Linux

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    Default Motherboards With Broken ASPM On Linux

    Phoronix: Motherboards With Broken ASPM On Linux

    One of the many features that haven't yet been fully taken advantage is the opportunities presented by the vast collection of system hardware/software information and logs that have been submitted to this collaborative testing platform from Phoronix Media. is much more than just being a storage place for benchmark results. After writing a simple plug-in this morning, here's a list of many motherboards that have broken PCI-E Active State Power Management support from their BIOS, which can lead to greatly increased power consumption under Linux...

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    My exact board isn't there but the Gigabyte P55A-UD3 is. I have the UD6 so it seems likely that I'm affected. Just as well I've been running with pcie_aspm=force for a while.

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    Default My Gigabyte EX58-UD3R is affected too

    Running with pcie_aspm=force seems to sort it out, though. (No sign of instability...)

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    If your motherboard isn't on the list and you're affected, that means you should be running more benchmarks via the Phoronix Test Suite and opting to submit data to

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    " To ensure some quality, each motherboard in the list had at least two unique submissions where ASPM could be detected as not working due to the ACPI table. "

    What if they fix it in a BIOS update AFTER people go and make their submissions? The board would still be counted even though it shouldn't? I'd think you should be looking for cases where NO submissions say that the ASPM works on that board. Finding just two different submissions that say it doesn't work really isn't that helpful, IMO as mobo manufs. can claim they fixed it later.

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    I know this was written more in a "let's show what pts can do" way, but:
    Toshiba Portable PC
    Sony VAIO
    are too vague.

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