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Thread: Motherboards With Broken ASPM On Linux

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    Quote Originally Posted by deanjo View Post
    Not surprised that there are a crapload of Asus boards on the list given my experience dealing with their bios engineers who despite have all the proof in the world that something is broken won't listen to anyone until the issue becomes an epidemic.
    Considering the large range of boards that they sell, I wouldn't consider that a "crapload"..
    Their engineers are Chinese and they pretty much only speak Chinese.. So they're not browsing the USA message board the same way they browse the Chinese message board.. You need to get Asus to relay your concerns over to their Chinese engineers (or maybe, learn to speak Chinese?).

    I had complaints about my 5 year old Asus M2N-E (Socket AM2) BIOS not officially supporting AM3 CPUs. After showing proof that I (and many other people) had these brand new AM3 CPUs running in 5-year-old AM2 motherboards as an "Unknown CPU", ASUS eventually released a BIOS update that supported these CPUs.. The overwhelming majority of other mobo manufs. never released a BIOS to support an AM3 CPUs in an AM2 socket. In order for Asus to make the AM3 CPUs work in the AM2 Socket motherboard they had to delete a few features from the BIOS to make room for the AM3 CPU microcode. ASUS did provide what their customers were asking for, even if it meant axing their own "features" to cram it in there. So I think that was pretty darn cool.. No other Mobo manufs. would go that far in order to cram additional microcode into their BIOS just because their customers wanted more CPU upgrade-ability in their 5+ year old motherboard..

    So yea, I don't agree that Asus BIOS engineers won't listen to anyone.. They most definitely do listen... How many people have gone to Asus and asked about this ASPM problem? I'd bet no more than one or two, if any.. Heck, nobody even knew the cause of the power management problems until Phoronix pointed it out..
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