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Thread: KVM 2011 Forum Presentations Now Online

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    Default KVM 2011 Forum Presentations Now Online

    Phoronix: KVM 2011 Forum Presentations Now Online

    For those interested in Linux KVM virtualization, Red Hat has published the videos from this year's KVM Forum conference...

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    So nice.

    KVM kicks so much ass that it's not even funny.

    On top of that the low-level systems for both client and server are built into every Linux distribution by default. No kidding. It's pretty awesome.

    Looking forward to spice WAN mode and improved USB support. Then it can be a real alternative for large scale virtual desktop deployments.

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    Default Videos also available on in webm format

    I converted all of the Flash/mp4 files to webm (a free format/codec) and have posted them to along with a zip file containing all of the PDFs of the presenter slide decks. You can find them here:

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