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Thread: The Sad State Of FSF's High Priority Projects

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazycheese View Post
    I think they should SCRAP all their plans and software; and instead focus on creating a platform, which connects desires with those able to implement them.
    Ah yes, you've read the Google rant

    But seriously... That's actually kind of true.

    I want more focus on GNU/Hurd (and I'm serious), because that's a very solid OS to stand on for an unlimited amount of years. It's the best, yet unfinnished, *NIX out there.

    And then they should realize a couple of things, for example:
    -Standard code libraries, filled with awesomeness, with a Java wrapper on top (so that software will run for eternity);
    -Versioning, and only major version jumps remain supported;
    -Digital office, done serious;
    -OpenGL replacement graphics lib (with the lowest level access support, while still abstracting hardware) for games;
    -Standard API's for each new sort of input device (camera, controller (hide HID and DirectInput), accelerometer, etc.);
    -Some badass internet protocols;
    -Big ass developper manual;
    -Downloadable PDF user manual.

    Then they should keep the religious stuff behind the curtains. Done.

    PS: And the UI needs to be revolutionary; touch&mouse-based graphical commandline. No typing. Having a structured canvas for your tasks, done like Microsoft Project diagrams.

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