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Thread: The Sad State Of FSF's High Priority Projects

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    Quote Originally Posted by XorEaxEax View Post
    As they state, the list is a '_guide_ for volunteers and supporters to projects where their skills can be utilized' which is simply a wish-list pointing out categories in which open source alternatives are poor or non-existant. From the tone of Michael's article it's like he is trying hard to portray the lack of activity in many of the suggested projects as a failure of FSF (wish-lists are supposed to be OPTIMISTIC). As for the projects FSF actually sponsors on this list (afaik it's Gnash and Coreboot), I've only used Gnash and while it worked perfectly well on Youtube it failed to work on alot of other sites I visited. I haven't used Lightspark so I can't really say anything on that apart that from what I've heard Gnash and Lightspark currently complements eachothers weaknesses to some extent but they are still no replacement for Flash unless your needs are very limited. Personally I don't see chasing after Flash as a viable goal (and given the low developer interest both in Gnash and Lightspark I'm not alone), better to embrace html5 and free open source codecs like vp8 while using the (admittedly poor) offical Flash support if you need it.
    +1. This place is becoming like an anti-FSF soundboard these days. Poo-poo FSF this, poo-poo FSF that. And call it "open source" while you're at it, and dilute the terminology of the FSF, and misquote them as calling certain projects "open source", and on and on.

    I'm starting to think Michael is a Microsoft or Oracle shill who pretends to be a friend of the FOSS community, when in reality he just seeks to undermine and eliminate the FSF, so the ideals of freedom will go away, all FOSS code written will be licensed under BSD, and then Microsoft will happily take all the code, make it proprietary and release it as Windows 9.

    I know that sounds pretty fantastic and highly unlikely, but if you'd have told me in 1990 that a major proprietary desktop operating system (OS X) was being developed based on BSD and OPENSTEP, I'd have laughed you out of the room.

    It's quite a concept, isn't it? Companies wanting to eliminate the voice of Free Software so that only Open Source remains?

    Companies love Open Source. Even Microsoft. They absolutely love it -- free labor! What could be better than having other people make your products for you, without even paying a dime, all in the interest of sharing? And then you're perfectly entitled to go and take their code, make it proprietary, add some gee-whiz enhancements that break compatibility but don't really contribute anything, and make billions of dollars! And you only need to hire half the developers of your fully-proprietary competitor!! It's a genius business model!

    But wait, there's a huge catch. Some little subset of the Open Source movement are some kind of freedom-lovers, who want their software to remain free, and have devised a clever copyright license that prevents us from making their work proprietary. Well damn, that sucks. Let's see how we can get rid of them!

    Hmm.... let's start with the media. What are some good websites out there where a lot of young people influenced by Free/Open Source go to be informed? Ah... first hit on google... Phoronix! Let's see if this... Lillybell, er, Larabel, guy is susceptible to a few greenbacks.

    And on it goes...
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