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Thread: NVIDIA's ESA Standard For Linux?

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    Default NVIDIA's ESA Standard For Linux?

    Phoronix: NVIDIA's ESA Standard For Linux?

    Yesterday NVIDIA had introduced their Enthusiast System Architecture, or ESA for short, which is designed to be an "open" technology geared for computer enthusiasts to monitor and control in real-time various PC components. NVIDIA hopes that ESA will become an industry standard for real-time monitoring and controlling of such devices as PC power supplies, motherboards, and even water cooling systems (along with many more PC peripherals).

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    Only thing lame about this that it uses USB. Why not use the sytem bus that was put on mobo's specific purpouse and has been used for ages for this purpouse? Yes, i'm talking about the SMB bus. Should be that big a deal to hook it up to that bus and be done with it.

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