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Japanese PC games has never been about hardware requirements.

It's always been about the draconian DRM and if you take it to a wine dev they just go "NOPE NOPE NOPE!!!" if you try to get them to implement DRM in wine.

Same thing was true for Netflix for many, many years and there were a *LOT* more people that wanted Netflix running on Linux, much more than Japanese PC games.. Only recently has it made it to Linux, DRM and all.. Japanese PC games have got hundreds of different flavors of homebrew DRM which the WINE devs won't touch with a 10 foot pole.

The unhacked off-the-shelf version of Canvas 2 from 2004 still doesn't work on Wine and I really don't have much faith it ever will because the WINE devs certainly aren't lining up to help implement DRM in wine. Any attempts by people to get help with a lot of Japanese games ends up getting completely ignored by Wine devs. The best thing to do is to just run Windows in VirtualBox and the games still run fine because they really aren't demanding at all.... except maybe MMD which probably should be done with dual-boot..

Let me assure you, there is no way to "trick" these games to run on Linux because they go looking for the DRM support and WINE starts returning screenfuls of "FIXMEs" which the WINE devs don't care much to fix since it's all DRM and then the game just crashes.

The Wine Devs have always got "more important things to do" than try to fix some crazy homebrew DRM they've never seen before, on a niche game.

I think you might be severely underestimating the amount of batshit crazy DRM on Japanese PC games.. Sometimes it's hard to get the game to run on WINDOWS, let alone on Linux. I remember back when C&C Red Alert was launched and the DRM in that game would try to do something with the disk sectors, but it would cause the game to crash during install if your hard disk wasn't defragged recently.. DRM so crazy, it sometimes breaks the software crazy, and a lot of Japanese PC games fall into the category as well.. Evidently, it's not something the Wine devs love to try and fix.

I hope now you understand why he said "closed and windows exclusive" because for the most part, they are and will continue to be.. Has nothing to do with underestimating the capability of the linux platform, or hardware.. It's entirely a software problem.

On the bright side, it seems that some Japanese PC games are now coming to steam... Recettear for example is available on steam and retains it's original Japanese voiceovers, but with English subs. http://store.steampowered.com/app/70400/

I fully understood what he meant, and as well what I meant. I already knew that about wine (I never mentioned wine but...)as well plus I kinda covered that when I said the part about promoting their computers (drm). Still, was a troll, and there are ways to break drm which may take time (or remove it, however it can be a hardware chip). And yes, many will be ported to Linux in the future. and I dont think netflix has been ported, chromeos has it in their chromebooks via a hardwarechip, andriod has it but porting from arm to desktop may not be able, the only way atm is wine so not really ported to linux last I saw, but better.