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Thread: Driver for older Nvidia card

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    Default Driver for older Nvidia card

    Hello all,
    I recently was given an older Toshiba laptop that has a Nvidia Geforce2 Go graphics chip and I have been having difficulty in finding the correct driver so that I will have 3D acceleration. I know that one exists for it because when I used the Elive distro it automatically installed it for the live CD session. However I do not like Elive well enough to make it my regular distro but would love to get the correct driver for this chip set. It is reported as an NV 11 chip. Do any of you know what driver will support this chip set?

    Thanks for any help you might be able to give.

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    The oldest NVIDIA legacy driver from should support it. The reverse-engineered Nouveau driver also supports it if you don't care about 3D usage.

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    Basically any of the legacy drivers will do just fine for you I believe.

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    Do you use a debian based distro?

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