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Thread: It's Easy To Guess What Angers GNOME Users

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    Quote Originally Posted by wizard69 View Post
    Seriously good product these days. You more or less get a BSD UNIX with a good set of apps. Plus the ability to run hundreds of UNIX and X apps. Best of both worlds. Further it puts some real space between me and GPL3.

    Considering the amount of Open source software that Apple does support I actually end up feeling pretty good about the choice. LLVM/CLang are coming along really well offering a real alternative to GCC. All my usual tools are right there or a download away. If not Apple has been pricing commercial software much more reasonably these days.

    In a nut shell I don't have to put up with GNome anymore.
    Its like going to Windows happily, cause .net is support there better. Sure, you are welcome.
    But Apple is NOT opensource or FLOSS company.
    Their projects are BSD licensed and they actively use OpenCORE model.
    Beside, their iPhone is rumored to spying on owner as much as it is possible.

    Windows or apples. Not my cup of tea, either.

    Really liked Gnome 2, albeit some core functionality was missing (forcing you to open terminal), the DE itself lacks functionality for the sake of aesthetics and all important stuff was shoved into windows registry-like tree.
    Really really hated KDE3, even if I used it a lot on Solaris. Really hated that plastic windows-like feeling.
    Hated XFCE for again, sacrificing a lot of functionality, but this time for 100Mb less RAM usage. Which is everything, except understandable. XFCE is still like that (if that bothers you..)
    Hated KDE4, because it was so buggy. "Plasma crashed" has become a meme.

    Since 4.6.5 plasma stopped crashing and KDE4 was ready for mass usage. Using it since then - good balance between memory usage and functionality. Love it.
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