Not long after I covered Splashtop, the instant-on Linux-based boot environment that runs from flash memory, it looks like other hardware makers are getting into the same game. Meet Phoenix's Linux-based HyperSpace.
HyperSpace is a little like Splashtop ... only, on closer inspection, not. Instead of just being an operating environment that's invoked before a formally-installed OS boots, it can be invoked at any time.

If all this sounds like a hypervisor in hardware, you're right -- the name itself should have been a total giveaway, come to think of it. This was probably the next logical step for the way PCs handle an operating system: instead of just booting directly from BIOS into one of several OSes on a given machine, you make the BIOS into a hypervisor and allow OSes to be loaded side-by-side into partitioned memory segments.

When I first saw the title of this I thought to myself 'that's great, I've been looking forward to instant on ever since I moved to SSD' but after reading the story, not quite.

But it did remind me......

Whatever happened with that review of CF cards/CF-IDE adapter here at phoronix?