Gigabyte is just another pro-microsoftie crappy vendor, that joins the glorius parade of idiots among with Logitech, Adobe et al.

How do you spot a crappy vendor? This easy:

If you ever have a problem with hardware, and you mention in any location that you use Linux (or BSD etc, no matter) you immediately get response:
Sorry, we currently do not support Linux.

The problem does not have even to originate from Linux or OS itself, at all. You immediately will get this response.
I think it is actually a global case and it is written on their note tables and discussed on meeting.

This is work of microsoft, to protect one of columns of its monopoly.

1) Hardware vendors/drivers.
2) Preinstallations via OEM illegal agreements(either 100% microsoft preinstall or pay full price) to achieve MASS distribution.
3) Control over major protocols and standarts.

So, what can you do about it?


Should you happen to purchase ANY hardware in RETAIL store, just shout out loud that microsoft, logitech, gigabyte et al are for retards

BTW, do you know how to update/reflash your BIOS EEPROM when using Gigabytes?
Right, their BIOS updates are packed in .exe binaries! Only Gigabyte does this!
Luckily, that are not some custom installers, but just 7z self extracting archives! So p7zip can extract it directly, like it were .7z!

If you happen to run on these instructions in Gigabyte forum, how to extract this BIOS .exe in Linux, do know I wrote it for them(Gigabyte).

Buy Asrock / ASUS if you need consumer motherboard.