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I suppose you are talking about the Linux-gamers.net Games LiveDVD, it is (or used to be) based on ArchLinux. For the "desktop" they used Fluxbox IIRC. Here's the link: http://live.linux-gamers.net/
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Unfortunately the first team dedicated to the family suited games failed in finding a good live distribution which could be taken to create a base system fitting our ideas. But luckily the second team was successful. They created a live DVD based on Arch Linux.
That is correct. It still uses Arch Linux. Arch has always been a more higher end x86 binary blob distro. Currently they're a x64 based distro as well as i686. Back in it's hey day, the only available binary i686 Arch Linux, was faster than all other i386 distro's. Most distros were either i386 or i486 and I wanted something that was faster than windows. After trying Gentoo, I got sick and tired of recompiling all the time. Portage is in my eyes, both the best and worst thing about Gentoo. Eventually trying Arch, I realised that Arch is even faster than Gentoo with -Os or -O3 settings. ... ( what many Gentoo see as optimisation bling) Arch doesn't have the bloat issues that other distro's have. Given time though, Arch is growing into a mature distro.