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With only one problem: money. If there is one thing people underestimate with MMOs then it's running costs. It just blows you away. Unless your pockets are deep or you get a lot of money from the users it's a no-go. What goes for the engine... I think there's some MMO engine out there but I can't remember anymore out of my head what it's name is.
That is what I'd found out with a pet project with some online acquaintances some of which worked for Loki Games and I was one of the ISV contacts (Mainline maintainer for the CVS repository on Utah-GLX at that time...). John "Overcode" Hall, Nicolas "Mordred" Vining, and a handful of others, myself included, tried to come up with a MMORPG when they were still a really, really new thing. Unless your pockets are deep, you won't get even started because it really IS a difficult task to accomplish a good MMORPG that can handle loads like Evercrac...er...craft or World of Warcrac...er...craft can. And this doesn't even get into maintaining the network presence.

Yes, there ARE games out there that're MMOGs and are FOSS- they're being ran by a bunch of very, very dedicated individuals. And you should be grateful to them. If they take donations to support the infrastructure and you play, you should give...

As for the engine, it's a decent enough one- and a complete one at that, being the codebase that was largely used with one of the more popular MMORPGs that started out with the engine mostly FOSS to begin with- this would be NEL, which was given to the world by Nevrax and powered the World of Ryzom. There's a couple of game engines that're sans the network stack, that if you knew precisely what you were doing, could accomplish the same results. Only problem is- it's still a painful prospect; it'd have to be a labor of love with lots of your own cash going into it or as a commercial venture where the engine is FOSS, but strictly regulated for the game, and they have to pay to play the game on the engines you provide for access to the content.

( and yes, 3 month old post... who cares... kick on the topic :P )
No biggie... It's actually in-keeping with the porting projects discussion with other threads. We need to change the rules of the game (no pun intended), just like our favorite OS has done with software development and operating systems in general. This is actually the sort of thing that would do this- but you need to keep it in your head if you go this route, it's not going to be an easy road with that path. There's others that'd be slightly easier, really.