I know the UMPC sector is fading because of tablets (I have a Xoom)- but I'm looking for another use case to fill.

I'm looking for a good, cheap, thumb-operated (keyboard) UMPC that I can slap Arch on. I plan on using CLI most of the time but who knows, I might put KDE or something on it down the road.

-Keyboard, no exceptions.
-Decent battery life for the train commute. 3 hours and I'm satisfied. 2, depending on how much it costs. I'll figure something out.
-Must be able to install an OS without hacking hardware or the EFI/BIOS/Firmware.

-x86. I know, I know, that does NOT translate into good battery life but there is better OOB hardware support. That is why this is a PLUS.

Based on what I've seen, I'm looking at China. Anyone here solve this problem yet?