For me I don't give a rats about the gaming or desktop app performance which is what keeps getting benchmarked. How does it handle 4 VM's, and 3 of them have 2 vCPU's? For that type of load, it seems this chip is perfect for home server usage. Going forward I think this is the right direction in architecture since everything (in business, and some at home too) is going to virtual, from phones, tablets, and desktops, while new "servers" are already almost all virtual already. The big issue is this is a version 1 part, and it is still server tuned rather than desktop. AMD's strategy *should* work well LONG term, but short term? Yeah, not good. Intel is still betting on single threaded performance, and that could backfire really quick if everything *finally* shifts to multithreaded now that the writing is firmly on the wall... Time will tell whether Intel's current strategy or AMD's current strategy will succeed or backfire. I'd prefer that AMD keep going and innovating, since Intel hasn't proven itself capable of doing that in the absence of proper competition.