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Thread: Eyefinity support on Ubuntu with Catalyst 11.4

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    Default Eyefinity support on Ubuntu with Catalyst 11.4


    Does anyone know how well this is supported?

    I currently run 2 nvidia cards and xinerama them for three 1920x1152 monitors to one desktop. However, xinerama is beyond bad and the performance is miserable with random occasional system freezes. As far as I can tell, all the 4+ output nvidia cards at best do twinview in pairs, i.e. for 3 monitors xinerama is still required.

    Just wandering if its possible yet to get one of the 3+ output ATI cards with Eyefinity and get 3 monitors working as 1 desktop with reasonable performance (i.e. can drag a window or use a scrollpane...)

    Thanks for any help,

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    Yes, this is possible. Several threads exist already which discuss this.

    6 Monitor eyefinity setup working!
    Questions about Eyefinity + 3 monitors
    Some questions about eyefinity

    Do you have a particular question which the other threads don't address?

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    Thats great thanks, will give it a go. /didnt see those threads :/ on my search they were still conjecturing over the 10.1 release


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