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Thread: NVClock: Is This NVIDIA Utility Dead?

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    Default NVClock: Is This NVIDIA Utility Dead?

    Phoronix: NVClock: Is This NVIDIA Utility Dead?

    Prior to NVIDIA porting CoolBits over to Linux back in 2005, the only way to overclock your NVIDIA graphics card was using NVClock. NVClock has been developed as a third-party open-source utility by Roderick Colenbrander and hosted at SourceForge and

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    NVClock is not dead. I update it slowly. The reason that there is no Beta3 yet is that I want to offer some reasonable Geforce8 support but as I lack Geforce8 hardware I can't do much. The Geforce8 is a very different GPU. Most of my time is spent on Wine at the moment.

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