They pay Scientists and they instrumentalized womens and they manipulate the public with FUD.
They work in secret to with billions euros of money.
lobbying agency "Deekeling Arndt Advisors" was payed to do the job back in 2009.
the lobbying organisation "Deutschen Atomforum(RWE, Vattenfall, Eon and EnBW)"spend the money for the FUD campaign.
They FAKE 100% of all Positive arguments from Scientists in germany.
they just pay for every single "good" word.

There is no Nuclear freedome and peace there are only FUD from lobbying organizations.

They will beat your Arguments against Nuclear power plants on all time because they do have more "Money"

But sometimes they FAIL! and now they FAIL in Germany!

From This time forward the Germans will not give them a 3. chance to place bullshit in our minds.