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Thread: What's Popular In The Linux World This Year

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    Default What's Popular In The Linux World This Year

    Phoronix: What's Popular In The Linux World This Year

    Here's a look at some of the most popular Linux news stories from this year to date...

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    Probably the introduction of LibreOffice. LibreOffice provided Microsoft's macro support which is a start. OpenOffice did not have this. Though the Microsoft macro support in LibreOffice is slow and partially supported.

    I think nVidia is getting more popular of writing bad modules lately. Some people can not use the latest graphic models. For me, I can not use VDPAU anymore and the there is the occasional flickering/blanking with something is initiated on a GeForce8 8400M GS.

    Flash is still horrible that I am not surprise even though Adobe introduce 11.

    Linux Foundation are introducing LTS kernels that last about two years for each kernel version that choose to set as LTS. This should help module developers write better modules instead of worrying about being compatible with the latest kernel versions.

    Linus is ready to separate ARM code from the main kernel.

    IMHO, Ubuntu is still here making a mess of things in Linux. Most all Linux distributions are basing their changes on Ubuntu. The Unity interface is crapware.

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