If you're in the process of upgrading a machine (my case) or buying new, while you shouldn't avoid the motherboard in question, there IS one gotcha that seems to be going on with the modern distributions.

If you're attempting to use SATA in any way, shape, or form, even if you're just leaving it on, you will have issues with the boot-up, even on installation. I had to turn it completely off and use the PATA parts only (I was unable to get it to come up and install or even boot old installs on already installed HD's properly- either PATA with SATA adapter, or actual SATA drives...) Upon an initial analysis, it seems that it's screwing up in the nv_sata driver module.

Ubuntu Feisty: Starts the kernel load and reboots.
Ubuntu Gutsy: Starts the kernel load and reboots.
Fedora 7: Starts text mode init portion- hangs on nv_sata.

Similar stories with several different Live-CD's.

Turn off the SATA support completely in the BIOS and use PATA instead: Boots just fine (In fact, right now, I'm using the intended original installation disk that wasn't working right in the first place when I initially tried to use the new board...).

I just thought the Phoronix crowd should know about that one. Going to report the problem with the Ubuntu and Fedora teams here shortly.