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Thread: Choosing laptop: Intel Core i3 370M vs. AMD Fusion A4-3300M ?

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    Question Choosing laptop: Intel Core i3 370M vs. AMD Fusion A4-3300M ?

    I have a choice between two Thinkpad Edge models, both with integrated graphics. My question is which of the two would perform better in Ubuntu?!?

    They are:

    Thinkpad Edge 15 w. Intel Core i3 370M + Intel HD Graphics Dynamic Video Memory Technology 5.0


    Thinkpad Edge E525 w. AMD Fusion A4-3300M + AMD Radeon HD 6480G

    thanks for any comments/suggestions!

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    Both laptop are fine with Ubuntu. But my personal opinion is to use Intel Core i3 because this processor is much better than AMD Fusion.

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    Default AMD would be better

    AMD would be better, TDP is only 35watt. Awesome in a laptop. Cool and long usage on battery plus graphic is much better than Intel 3000 and AMD provides better and better drivers for their graphic. In my opinion they overtook Nvdia with their buggy random freeze and video tearing drivers. Plus there's "no video tearing" option for AMD graphics so videos with AMD should play nicely. And MPlayer with nvdpau (nvidia acceleration/decoding) as an output freezes after some time of playback. Go with AMD. Intel drivers are way behind their windows counterparts. Go AMD.

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    If you don't play games,then you can choose Intel Core i3 370M ,it is better than AMD Fusion A4-3300M .

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