Notebooks are always a good solution to instead of desktop PCs for most users.
Years ago I always heard my family or friends said that they want to build up new PCs, but in recent years, that voice often become which notebook is better for them to choose.
If users are not demanding on usually upgrade hardware, notebooks always a better solution with higher mobility and better convenience.

The main usage of notebooks comes with 2 types, you might need to analysis your usage before you buy your own laptop.
The first one is business or long time trip, which will need longer battery life and light weight, performance will not be in the high priority.
The second usage is to replace PCs, most because of only have a small room, or long time stay at home or school but need to carry to different places.

This type is more performance oriented demand; users will be more focus on features of higher level CPU, graphics performance, bigger LCD size and high quality speakers.

MSI already building their business for years and now they have 5 different segment of their notebook product lines.
This time I would like to share the 2nd type of notebook, it positioning on Gaming Series, the MSI GT683R.
MSI did have GT680/GT680R in early 2011, so this GT683R should be the upgrade version.

Take a look on the outlooks; GT683R is same as GT680R, built in orange color LED with 7 parts.
The A side cover design is special compare with normal notebooks; itís more like Alianware and gives a racing car speedy style.

GT683R is black based design, built with latest Sandy Bridge platform with higher performance.
The MSI logo shows white light when boot up, and the silver bar below the logo will show orange color light as well.
The dimension of GT683R is 396mm*265mm*55mm

Bundled gaming mouse in GT683R is good to put your hands on and very sensitive feedback.

Adaptor is 150W normal version with bigger size, it will show green light when power on, and the temperature is not hot when full loading, hands on will only feel warmer.

The adaptor was made by DELTA, the well known power/ adaptor brand from Taiwan, so the quality is good and reliable, it comes with 4 pads for protection to prevent damage and helpful on reduce
The gaming mouse resolution is 3200DPI, could switch the DPI with the light below the scroll key, also have the page-up/page-down key on the left side, and its light with only 50g weight.

The bottom of the notebook comes with several pad protection, the battery is on down left side, other placement parts are CPU, GPU, HDD, DDR3 and thermal module.
DDR3 comes with 4DIMM design and up to 32GB for users to install, this GT683R comes with 4GBx4 overall 16GB.
Built in with 2 SATA slot supports SATA3 and RAID 0, this is unique for higher storage performance.

Used 9 Cell batteries with 7800mAH, could apply more heavy loading usage for longer time. Remove the battery could see the mechanical detail and Windows sticker.