I will be setting up a mailing list for questions, probably in a week or two. The plan is to reply directly to the emails plus put the generally useful answers into some kind of faq/wiki and make that public. For now you can email me directly - john dot (my user name) at amd.com but I can't promise quick answers for a couple more weeks.

Michael asked about All-in-Wonder documentation. The answer there for now is "we don't know yet". There are two main issues :

1. AIW boards have third party parts (tuners, sometimes decoders) and we don't have rights to redistribute the programming info. In principle this is simple -- talk to the third party vendors to see if they will either publish the info or give us the right to publish it -- but very time-consuming in practice.

2. AIWs (actually anything with video capture) get into some messy legal areas since (a) we are required to detect copy protected content and not transcode it or output it in a recordable form, (b) the information required to do that detection has to be kept secret.

I know what you're thinking -- "we just want to watch TV, nobody pirates VHS tapes any more" -- but the same hardware is used for both and AFAIK we still have contractual obligations to "protect the protection".

Bottom line is we're going to look into it but right now I don't have an answer for #2. I don't see us spending much time on this until after 3d and video playback.