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Thread: playing with ADL_SDK

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    Lightbulb playing with ADL_SDK

    After noticing there was nothing out there to do what I needed,
    I wrote a gtk program that uses the ADL_SDK from amd to read/set GPU clocks/speeds/temps/perf-levels.

    I posted here to see if it's of use to anyone.
    I wrote it 2 months ago and i'm the only one that has tested it so far

    It works on my radeon 6670, should work on most single card platforms
    It reads on llano, but reports that "Function not supported by the driver." with the latest fglrx when attempting to set anything.
    No crossfire support
    No fan support (my 6670 was a non-reference asus so i'd have no way of testing it)
    features are basic for now

    Lemme know if this helps you
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    Check out "AMDOverdriveCtrl". Maybe it is what you were looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunstar View Post
    Check out "AMDOverdriveCtrl". Maybe it is what you were looking for.
    That project was one of the reasons I wrote lsadl
    the wxWidgets interface was a nightmare when I ran it (would pop up 20+ error/warning windows every time I launched it).
    It was easier to write my own gtk interface than fix it.

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