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Thread: Khronos Releases OpenCL 1.2 Specification

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    Default Khronos Releases OpenCL 1.2 Specification

    Phoronix: Khronos Releases OpenCL 1.2 Specification

    On the day that AMD finally integrates OpenCL support into their Catalyst Linux driver package, the Khronos Group announces the release of the OpenCL 1.2 specification. There's more good stuff for this cross-platform cross-device computing language...

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    the fact that we have a semi ready 1.1 API implementation in G3D (albeit SW only) and that this was the work of a single person is quite impresive IMO.

    hopefully denis will bring the current clover up to 1.2 spec

    and then there is HW acc. which will probably need quite an effort

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    I'm really looking forward to Kepler which is rumored to allow direct access to system memory from the GPU, effectively removing the CPU as a bottleneck when transferring data to graphics memory, and since OpenCL allows sharing surfaces and buffers with OpenGL and Direct3D, this would have great potential for LoD-algorithms run as a OpenCL kernel. OpenCL 1.2 also allows better control of the workflow, so the developer can better control the resources occupied by a such algorithm.

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    Yikes, another part that can read the entire ram? What could possibly go wrong?

    [ see the firewire discussion on this ]

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