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lol was that a joke comment, you cant mean that 100% serios? lol

So the point is there are 3 acceptable statements, which are even talkable other than this 3 are for me not valid because not consistent.

1. you are a hyperconservative guy, so than you can say all drugs should be illigal, at least alkohol and nikotin, too.

2. you think alk should be still legal, so than the way more harmless and even in some aspects very healthy pot should be legal, too. And lets say some other drugs should be illigal, because they make more addicted or are more dangerous in causing damage to the health of the person or his surroundings.

3. you allow all drugs

surely I think not all drugs should be sold in supermarket, so the "harder" drugs if you call them like that, lets say heroin, should only be given by doctors. Thats my point. That must be clarified sciencebased unbiased.

to the 1. point, we tried that in america prohibit alkohol, and the users did not stop using it and criminals got much power because of this. So it makes no sence. Btw, even if it would work, what would be won, we are always in a logical often mostly with no or very small feelings like in the movie Equilibrium.

I could maybe go with the point to allow mariuana and forbit alkoholics at least the high-percentage once, all over 20% because its a much much more dangerous drug, thousends of users die or cause on the streets deaths because of this drug, No mariuana user died from it ever and I dont know studies who show that that users kill more people in car-accidences than clean people. And Alk creates a hard dependency, mariuana only a psychical ( I know most say thats the worse one, but I dont think so, at least you cant fall in a shock and die instantly if you stop using it, thats what physical dependency can cause )
nice writing. and some of your points are just scandalous right now.

"lets say heroin, should only be given by doctors."

right now the Doctor can not give away heroin or he can't use this for medicine but he can use the more unhealthy morphine/Opiate to do the SAME! but in fact Heroin is more save and healthy because of less histamine response.
in fact the ill people blow up like balloons and go FAT just because the morphine used as medicine is pseudo-allergic and response histamine and makes inflammation throughout the body. there is no blowup balloon side effect with heroin.

my neighbor is such a victim she gets morphine because of intervertebral disc prolapse pain.

its just a scandal!