Hello there.

I'm trying to post on these forums and participate in discussions. But every post I make is answered with a 'has to be moderated' message. My posts don't show up until the next day, after which my posts may not even be seen anymore. As far as I know, none of my posts contain any hyperlinks.

Why is this forum so restrictive? I searched and found the first five posts will be moderated; I'm past that number and still get the message. It deters me in my effort to participate in discussions, and makes me wonder how many people are being scared away. Is this method very effective at fighting spam? If you considered one or two posts, does that mean the account would still be used for spamming? How are new users considered to stay here and participate if their posts have a one day delay? It's not very motivating and quite frankly, I'm frustrated.

I do understand spam is a concern and it needs to be addressed. I'm just hoping it can be done without affecting new users so severely?