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Exactly, when did releasing an 8-9 years old engine become the only way to contribute to OSS? The money and effort put in this would have been much better spent in many of the needs some of the better (even better than their own) engines we already have (Ogre3D, for example).

Many positive things with this release, positive useless things. Useless in the sense nothing is really being driven forward.
Why should he release anything at all, if you are going to act like this is somehow a bad thing? Especially considering, other than legal fees (done in-house by Bethesda lawyers due to their own demands, none of the other releases had to clear legal except for maybe RTCW) how much money or effort did you expect this to have used?

I for one value having the Doom 3 source for source port purposes alone, let alone anything else. He is giving what he has to give, and I think you are being extremely rude and are doing a disservice to the community to ask more of him, especially as I do not know if you have done anything that is more productive. I know I certainly have not.