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Thread: Linux 2.6.38 To Linux 3.2 Nouveau DRM Benchmarks

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    Default Linux 2.6.38 To Linux 3.2 Nouveau DRM Benchmarks

    Phoronix: Linux 2.6.38 To Linux 3.2 Nouveau DRM Benchmarks

    Earlier this month I showed the Intel graphics performance hasn't improved much in the Linux 3.2 kernel (but there might be a boost when RC6 is flipped on), but how is this new kernel shaping up for NVIDIA hardware owners wishing to use the open-source and reverse-engineered Nouveau driver? In this article are some benchmarks of the Nouveau DRM driver from recent Linux releases.

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    Why is the graphics memory clockspeed different between Linux 2.6 and Linux 3?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shining Arcanine View Post
    Why is the graphics memory clockspeed different between Linux 2.6 and Linux 3?
    It's possible that we fixed the code that reads out the current clock speed somewhere along the way. Which is the boot clock speed. And we don't change these yet automatically, on any card.

    Or the clock speeds are just some random values, because in that huge nouveau vs. NVIDIA comparison I only see 1 single set of clock speeds, which certainly doesn't reflect the speeds nouveau is running them at and hence totally misleading.

    No idea why nexuiz wouldn't work, it's fine on my nv96 and nvc0, so, must be your bad karma from completely neglecting clock speeds in your comparisons. Though it would be fairer if all apps refused to run this way ...

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    I think it speaks volumes about the intelligence, determination, and tenacity of the Nouveau developers that they've brought the code this far without the help or blessing of nVidia. Prometheus would be proud, if he had been real.

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    I still mention to people that they should use Nouveau if they already own Nvidia hardware, but that they shouldn't buy new Nvidia hardware.

    Thanks to Nvidia being absolutely no help at all to open source (in fact, they try to set the progress of Nouveau back as much as they can), new hardware performs badly or not at all in many cases for many months or even a year or so.

    Ideally, people would use this the way an mp3 decoder should be used. to play back files that were unfortunately only available in that format, but not to create new ones.

    AMD only has a few people working on the open source driver stuff and puts out documentation, but Nvidia tries to hide every single operation of their cards past the basic VESA stuff they more or less have to work with. It's pathetic. Their excuse for this behavior is something that makes my blood boil even more. Their precious imaginary property.

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    I dunno. Nvidia seems pretty competent on linux in my experience. Not as good as Windows of course, but you could say that about just about everything in linux.

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