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Thread: ZaReason Strata 6880 Sandy Bridge Notebook

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    With IB delays, it's going to be a long wait. Just saying.

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    No mention of a BIOS switch to disable Optimus??
    No mention whether or not you have to use Ironhide / Bumblebee to use the nvidia GPU??
    ZaReason doesn't give the option for a 520M??

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    Exclamation Don't blame the hardware for the poor choice of software

    The only other Linux issue I had encountered was also power/ACPI related. Upon a clean install of Ubuntu 11.10, sometimes when going from AC to battery power, a warning would be emitted that the "laptop battery [is] critically low" and that the system will soon suspend unless it's plugged-in. Well, the battery was fully charged and continued to work fine but this warning had appeared several times when changing power states to battery.
    Heh, I've seen this on my MSI U270 as well when trying various live USBs, it's Ubuntu's fault, not the hardware. None of the other distros had this problem.

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