Formerly, most ITX platform spec is always using NoteBook CPU and SO-DIMM.
These components raise the system cost and the MB price is also much higher than ATX MB.
In the past 3 years, HTPC market started to ramp. ITX products are easier to find now.

In the past, AMD ITX platform is easy to find due to its high 3D performance IGP.
Since Intel LGA 1156 IGP performance caught up AMD and Sandy Bridge is 3~5 times faster 3D performance.
Many MB makers launched H67 or H61 ITX MB and the price is much lower.
Mostly, the price is only a little higher than same level ATX or M-ATX boards. It can help HTPC buyers to lower their budget.

So far, H61 is the lowest chipset for LGA 1155 platform. This segment competition is also very high, so the C/P is very well.
For CPU, Intel naming rule is the same. Pentium and Celeron series is also in Sandy Bridge dual core CPU line.
This time, I use Intel Pentium G620T, the price is little higher than G620. The internet shows 7USD higher.

The ďTĒ means low heat version. The clock and voltage is lower.
Itís a pity that Taiwan doesnít phase in this CPU. You can use G620 instead of G620T with same setup.
Right is Intel bundled cooler and you can see the difference in following picture.

Intel Pentium Processor G620T, clock is 2.2GHz.
Physical 2 Cores donít Hyper-Threading and maximum is 2 threads, called 2C/2T.
Itís 32nm, 35W max TDP, and 3MB L3 Cache. Itís LGA 1155 entry 2 Cores CPU.

Original Cooler Comparison
Left side is Intel 2 Cores CPU version. Celeron, Pentium or Core i3 use this model.
Right side is G620T one. You can see itís thinner and smaller. Itís easier to install in compact case.

MB is GIGABYTE new H61N-USB3. Itís Mini-ITX and size is 17 X 17 cm.
Even though the price is higher than M-ATX H61 USB3 MB, itís still very parity ITX MB comparing to the past.

CPU PWM is 4+1 phases. As H61 cannot adjust multiplier, this is enough for Core i7.
2 X DIMM DDR3 slots support 16GB. It built in SATA2.

1 X S/PDIF fiber and coaxial output.
4 X USB 2.0(Black)
2 X USB 3.0(Blue)
1 X RJ-45 LAN
1 X eSATA(Yellow)

H61N-USB3 PWM. GIGABYTE always stress for components as you can see here.